Clinical Supervision

I am very passionate about supervision as this is an opportunity for me giving back to the professional community of practioners. To me one of the most important aspects in supervision is the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee. Learning takes place when people feel save enough to leave their comfort zone and enter the challenge zone.

Within this work I see myself more as a follower than a leader, a gentle escort in your learning with compassion. My work and way of being is deeply anchored in mindfulness and compassion. If you wish to explore and learn how to become a mindfulness therapist or teacher then please contact me on my email.   Please keep in mind that I am offering supervision only online.

Supervision for Qualified MBSR or MBCT Teacher

If you want to become a fully certified MBSR/MBCT teacher you may benefit from some additional supervision. I am providing supervision to mindfulness teachers who wish to work in the health professional field (eg. Psychologists, GPs). I am really feeling privileged  in taking part in your journey as a mindfulness teacher.   I see supervision as  a great opportunity for being with you and offering my experience in this learning space. 

Please note that the Qualification and Certification as a Mindfulness-Based Teacher is based on specific assessment criteria. These criteria are developed by trainers at the  Center for Mindfulness and Research and Practice CMRP Bangor in collaboration with University Mindfulness-Based centres in Exeter and Oxford and the Mindful Academy.  The MBI-TAC is a six competency-based  assessment model. For more information please click on below button.


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