"The experience of being a separate individual, a person in the world, is the experience of being a seeker – a separate wave in the ocean. Every individual is a seeker – the therapist and the client alike. And this wave, experiencing itself as separate from the ocean, seeks the ocean. The core experience of being a seeker is the experience of lack, of incompleteness, of homesickness, of feeling as though you are always looking for something you cannot find, something you cannot name. The wave spends its life, in a million different ways, seeking this unnameable wholeness. “I am incomplete, but one day I will be complete,” it says to itself. “One day I will find what I’m looking for – love, success, greatness, enlightenment, healing – and then I’ll be complete.”

(Jeff Foster)


I am providing individual therapy based on the combination of your needs and the psychological paradigm I am utilising. It is important that this is a good match, that you feel comfortable and supported in our sessions.

'Comfortable' includes your willingness to step into the challenge zone for learning and developing new skills for better coping and sustainabilty. This journey can be confronting and difficult at times, however. Please trust that you will be guided back to your comfort zone whenever you experience overwhelm.   

Your first appointment focuses on an initial assessment, your motivation for therapy, your expectations and will be resulting in a treatment agreement. Based on your needs I will offer a professional suggestion regarding the treatment paradigm.

The following sessions will continue working on your presented concerns.    Every other session you will be given an opportunity for reflecting on your needs and whether they have changed.   This may lead to a required adjustment in therapy, i.e., frequency of sessions, session focus, amount of sessions etc.   With further exploration and working on your concerns you will become more aware of what truly matters and what needs attention the most.

My psychological expertise is based on CBT, ACT, MBI, MiCBT, CFT, NARRATIVE THERAPY, or ATTACHMENT-FOCUSED THERAPY. The main approach I am working with is Mindfulness and Compassion focused therapy.

Presented concerns I am working with:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Depression
  • Insominia and Sleep Difficulties
  • Grief and Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Work Stress and related matters.

If  you  wish to work with me, please email me to arrange an appointment. *** Please note that I am providing my services in an online face-to-face setting.

*** Click here for Medicare and Telehealth Information and see whether you are eligible for Medicare Rebate under Better Access to Mental Health


Regina Gerlach

(Director Mindfulness2Be)

Medicare Provider






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