Becoming a qualified or certified mindfulness-based program facilitator

Mindfulness supervision is regular space that is contracted between supervisor and
supervisee which enables reflection on the supervisee’s mindfulness teaching practice and
how this interfaces with their personal mindfulness practice and their life. The process is
dedicated to developing and deepening the growth, understanding and effectiveness of the
supervisee’s application of mindfulness, both personally and in their working life. ~ The Mindfulness Network

Resources for our supervision: 

Supervision is a requirement on your path to teacher qualification and certification. And I am excited for you to start or continue your journey on being or becoming a mindfulness-based practitioner. 

Please take some time to identify your learning needs for supervision. You may use the MBI-TAC to assess your skills and needs. And if your unsure of what your needs are we will use our first meeting to explore this together. 

Our supervision will focus on your teaching skills, program context, group and individual process, theory and background of Mindfulness as well as your ongoing meditation practice.

Our supervision will be a mutual way of working that is embedded in integrity, intention, embodiment and compassion.