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The next online practice session will be held on. This is a session for all former graduates of the MBCT/MBSR/MSC courses.

Feel free to join me on

Thursday, 13 July at 6:15pm
Meeting ID: 871 5564 4182
Passcode: Today

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The next live event is on Wednesday, 11 Jan " 6PM, AWST

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Jumpstart your journey to mindfulness with 31 weeks of weekly prompts, ample time to apply and practice and be part of a like-minded community. Supercharge your brain with self-compassion, so you can take full control of your life!

Increase the quality of YOUR life.

The benefits of incorporating mindfulness and self compassion into your life are significant.

It can help

👉foster a culture of well-being,
👉nurture positive mental health, and
👉create a calming environment.

All of the above encourages collaboration, communication and stress reduction, all of which can improve job and life satisfaction, motivation and performance.

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Date of commencement: 15 January 2023