This therapeutic approach is a four stage model including mindfulness, exposure and compassion. I am providing this therapy on an individual level.

This group program is an eight weeks or when delivered online ten weeks. If you are struggling with difficult emotions such as shame, guilt, anger and/or self-critism and inner critical mind this program might be for you.

Jon Kabat-Zinn has certainly contributed to the development of mindfulness over so many years. If you are feeling stressed and/or truggling with your general sense of wellbeing this course may catch your interest.

The experience of clinical depression can be very daunting and impactful. Sometimes, it feels like there is no hope, all energy is gone and a purpose is lost. If you are diganosed with depression/anxiety you are encouraged to check out this relapse prevention group program.

The mentioned courses may not be what your are looking for right now. Depending on your circumstances, conditions and/or needs I am offering mindfulness-based programs as a webinar (mindfulness compassion online) for those interested in a taster. Also: chronic pain / multiple sclerosis/ conflict response/couples

Always good to have choice and to take a careful look at all the different programs and approaches. Some are delivered in an individual one2one format, others are provided in a group format.

Regina Gerlach



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