Nice to meet you. Feel free to tune in on my audio introduction.

In my work with indiviudals and couples, I use a variety of treatment modalities including Buddhist psychology, EMDR, CFT, Gottman therapy, Mindfulness-integrated CBT, Positive Neuro Plasticity, Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness, Somatic emotional Integration, and Internal Family Systems. These approaches allow me to address the unique needs and concerns of each individual and provide a well-rounded and effective treatment plan.

I conduct all services in both languages, English or German.


I am a clinician in private practice and working as a clinical psychologist. I obtained my degree in Germany in 2001.

I am a member of various professional organisations in Australia and Germany, including the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi), APS College of Clinical Psychologists, as well as the Institue for Clinical Psychologists (ICP). I am also a senior meditation teacher and member of the Meditation Association of Australia.

I provide MBCT Train the Trainer training, which includes foundation courses, practicum, supervision, and mentoring. I am also a supervisor and trainer for several different mindfulness-based interventions, including MBSR. I am an associate of the Mindfulness Teaching Institute and hold the role of national certification coordinator for MBSR/CT.

I have a passion for working with couples and use Gottman therapy and mindfulness as key approaches in my work. Gottman therapy is a research-based approach to couples therapy that was developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. It is focused on helping couples strengthen their relationships and improve communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills.