Use your first session to

Orient yourself to the therapeutic space. 

Share briefly what you are looking for.

Ask questions about therapy.

Explore a way of working with me.

You feel stuck in your life. You feel unhappy in general, or in your relationship, or at work. You are disappointed or griefing or anxious or sad and you want this to change.

You have lost a sense of meaning. You have lost a sense of passion. You want to know how to be happier, present, and resilient. But you have lost the key to open the right door.

You want to take ownership, and you may want to be less angry or frustated. You have tried many things and nearly given up. Because nothing is changing.

You want to live a healthy, more stable, calm and balanced life. You want to be independent, but connected. And you want to be resourced, non-reactive, and awake.