The psyche can be viewed as made up of various parts or subpersonalities, each with its own perspective, interests, memories, and viewpoints. “Through IFS we can learn to trust ourselves, and trust our own inner guidance. The more we can connect with our true self, the more we can find peace, joy, and fulfillment in life... not just as a therapy technique, but as a way of life." ~ Richard Schwartz

An Ode to Unite


In the enormous auditorium of the soul,

Where echoes of past and present roll,

Dwells an orchestra, grand and wide,

With protectors, firefighters, and exiles inside.


Protectors stand tall, ever vigilant, ever strong,

Guarding fiercely, righting every wrong.

Firefighters rush in where fears blaze,

Quelling the fires of our most difficult days.


Exiles, with voices soft and faint,

Harbor the memories, the trauma, the taint.

Hidden away, they silently plead.

For recognition, for healing, indeed.


Then there's the Self, calm and serene,

The conductor awaiting, to enter the scene.

With a baton of peace, love, and grace,

Ready to guide, to embrace, to embrace.


This symphony, complex, often plays in disarray,

Each section in its own world, in its own way.

Yet, the music they yearn to truly compose.

Requires harmony, unity, as the Self knows.


Protectors and firefighters, take your place,

But let not fear shadow your grace.

Exiles, step into the light,

Your stories are part of the might.


For the Self has the power to conduct this grand score,

To integrate, to heal, to open each door.

With qualities and abilities vast and profound,

In its leadership, trust and safety are found.


So let the orchestra accept, with hearts wide,

That the Self can guide this ride.

Together, a symphony they shall be,

A melody of wholeness, of harmony.


Work to be continued, notes to be played,

In this concert of the soul, fears allayed.

For in unity, strength, and peace we find,

The truest expression of the human mind.



More to come ...